Food Safety & Biosensor Laboratory (FSBL)

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It is all for Agricultural and Food Safety…

    It is estimated that the global population will reach 9 billion by 2050, and 70% more food is required. Due to the clean resource drain and climate change, it is challenging to increase food production. Thus, it is extremely important to reduce food wastes caused by biological and chemical contaminants. My research will primarily focus on Food Safety and Biosensors; especially with a focus on the development of innovative biosensors to detect biological and chemical contaminants (e.g., pathogens, viruses, DNA-of-interest, allergens, toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals) in the food and agricultural systems. The advanced analytical technologies I am extremely interested in include nanomaterials, engineered phages, engineered yeasts, CRISPR, microfluidics, and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, I am employing these advanced technologies in the field of biological engineering and environmental engineering.